"Sylvanscapes" video installation by Laurie McDonald, member of Electron Movers, assisted by Michael Carr at Artpark, Lewiston, NY. From the catalog: "Phosphorescent chemicals were poured into three 100" lengths of clear flexible plastic tubing. The tubing was woven through the trees, rocks, and bushes of the Ames Theater trail, its light illuminating much of the surrounding areas and creating a delicate drawing through the woods. The next night the plastic tubing was placed in the Niagara River at a point of changing currents and numerous eddies and whirlpools. When the current went downstream, the phosphorescent lines would be pulled 10" below the surface of the water, diffusing the light. When the current flowed upstream, sections of the tubing surfaced and snaked around, sometimes combining clearly diffused light with designs from diffused light."