Astral Projections: A Polyfusion of Media

Astral Projections: A Polyfusion of Media, catalog of exhibition produced by Howard Gutstadt and Mollie Hughes of Survival Arts Media and published by Visual Studies Workshop. Catalog undated. Fri& Sat. 9/20 & 21, 1974. Participants of event : Survival Arts Media (Howard Gutstadt, Mollie Hughes, Danny Bucciano, Pierre Jouchmans); ZBS Media (Bob Bielecki, Pat Anderson); Media Bus (Skip Blumberg, Nancy Cain, Bart Friedman); Portable Channel (Chuck Heuer, Sandy Rockowitz, Bonnie Klein, John Camelio); Visual Studies Workshop; (Laddy Kite, Howard Spector, Jeremy Ross, Andre Strong, Ron Kohn, Art Hynes); Synapse (Carl Geiger, Paul Dowerty, Bobby Burns, Lance Wisniewski). The live video and music performance was created live on 2 evenings at at the Strasenburgh Planetarium in Rochester. Audience of 1500. Survival Arts Media worked with Central Maine Power in a live collaborative performance utilizing video and audio synthesis and music by Central Maine Power. There were several concerts in New York City, as well as work with the Paik/Abe Video Synthesizer at the Experimental Television Center through the Artist in Residence Program; concerts were also presented at Synapse. Astral Projections was a live projected multimedia performance of music and media by artists, using live cameras, feedback and the Rutt/Etra video synthesizer performed by Bill Etra. Images were mixed and colorized using an Eric Siegel colorizer, and projected live as well as recorded. The catalog contains a complete description of the video equipment setup.