Chiaki Watanabe

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Chiaki Watanabe is a media artist based in New York. She works with video, video installation and live video performance. Her works have been exhibited across the US and Europe. With minimalist and abstract aesthetics, her work involves digital media using kinetic images and colors with electro acoustic sound. Her work, combines form, color, movement and sounds as a visual music, focusing on visualization of sounds and sonification of visuals. Her works have been presented internationally in various venues ranging from media art and video festivals such as the New York Video Festival, Microcinema International, European Media Art Festival (DE), Viper New Media Festival (CH) to art institutions including Museum of Modern Art (US), Institute of Contemporary Arts (UK), Austin Museum of Digital Art, and Kunst hall (NO). She has performed at venues including Lincoln center, Eyebeam, Location One, Dance Theater Workshop, The Kitchen and Merce Cunningham studio. link: