Creative Artists Public Service Program

Creative Artists Public Service Program, Isabelle Fernandez, Director, decides to go to alternate year funding for the fellowship categories, in response to NYSCA requests that the program become more cost effective. CAPS indicates that more awards will be made, with the savings from the administrative cost cuts, but that the funding level of the fellowships would remain the same. In 1981 32% of the CAPS budget was disbursed for administration. The State Council members ordered a ceiling of such expenses of 20%, in response. NYSCA also requested that CAPS secure outside funding for the overall program. CAPS was unable to find a mandated matching funds source. Isabelle Fernandez, Director of CAPS, indicated that CAPS had originally been told by NYSCA not to engaged in outside fundraising, because it would mean direct competition for funding with other media organizations; she also indicated that NYSCA had changed this position, culminating in the matching funds requirement. Fernandez also indicated that CAPS was perceived as a public funding agency, making it difficult to secure private support, and that private support was very difficult to find for artists' fellowships. NYSCA's position was that CAPS had been encouraged to secure outside support.