Early Distributors of Video Art: Articles

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Association for Independent Film and Videomakers The Independent
          "Plugging into the Video Circuit", June 1983

Bay Area Video Coalition Video Networks
          "Video Distributors" October 1983 Vol. 7, No. 9

Bay Area Video Coalition Video Networks National Video Distributor Directory
          Annual publication beginning about 1986. Included extensive listing of distributor contact information and profiles

National Video Resources NVR Reports
          "An Introduction to the 800# Revolution: Direct-to-Viewer Marketing of Home Video", Issue 1, Fall 1990
          "The 90's Trial and Error: The Case of The 90's Video Catalog", Issue 4, Summer 1991
          "Taking Your Wares to Market: Contracting for Home Video Distribution", Issue 6, Late Fall 1991
          "A Report on the Use of Video in the College Textbook Industry", Issue 9, July 1992
          "Video and the Library", Issue 12, June 1993
          "The School Market", Issue 13, November 1993
          "Distribution of the Digital Video Media: A Technological Primer", Issue 17, November 1995

Videography distributor profiles
          Castelli/Sonnabend Tape and Film January 1977
          The Kitchen July 1977 and October 1978
          Donnell Study Center October 1977
          Synapse Video Center February 1978
          Anna Canepa April 1978
          Museum of Modern Art April 1983 and August 1984