Educational Communication Centers and the Television Arts

Educational Communication Centers and the Television Arts, conference at SUNY Albany. November 21-22, 1974. Coordinator, Gerald O'Grandy of Center for Media Study at SUNY Buffalo. The purpose was to present the latest developments in the video arts and related technology, to suggest ways in which the communication centers can serve developing media artists in their own campuses, and to indicate ways the centers can stimulate media activities in the arts and humanities. Presenters included O'Grady, Steina Vasulka (Center for Media Study, U of Buffalo, Tom DeWitt, Paul Kaufman (NCET at KQED), Fred Barzyk (Television Workshop at WGBH), David Loxton (TV Lab at WNET), Ed Emshwiller, Joel Chadabe (SUNY Albany), Ralph Hocking (Binghamton U and Experimental Television Center), Walter Wright (Experimental Television Center demonstration of Paik/Abe Video Synthesizer), John Roy (U of Massachusetts), Woody Vasulka, Russell Connor 9Cable Arts Foundation), Lance Wisniewski (Synapse), Carl Geiger (Innervision), Peter Bradley (NYS Council on the Arts), Lydia Silman (NYS Council on the Arts), DA Pennybaker, Gerd Stern (Intermedia Systems Corp).