Eyal Ben-Zwi

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Eyal Ben-Zwi was born in 1973 in Israel and grew up in Brooklyn. Today, he is a Vienna-based video artist. In his many incarnations as a media artist he served in roles ranging from lighting designer, multimedia developer, filmmaker, programmer, video engineer, temporary environment architect and installation artist. He has been working in the field of video installation since 1997. He is a member of the NYC audio visual collective Amoeba Technology and has completed an artist in residency in Berlin in 2002 culminating in a one week audio/video/dance performance. In 2004 he also participated along with his artist collective Amoeba Technology at an artist in residency at the ETC. Since 2005 he is collaborating on installations and content creation with his partner Simone Carneiro. In 2005, they completed a large-scale public space mixed media installation funded by the city of Brasilia.