Finishing Funds

Finishing Funds is a grants program of the Experimental Television Center, supported by the New York State Council on the Arts. Awards for 2002 were made to: Leesa and Nicole Abahuni "Chaotic Robotic Synesthesia" a performance environment investigating a synthesthetic experience, the subjective response normally associated with one sense by stimulation of another; performative elements include 2 infrared robots, 7 human musicians and 2 human animators. Zoe Beloff "Claire and Don in Slumberland" a stereoscopic slide and film projection performance conjuring up spectral scenes, referring to the Phantasmagorias at the end of the 18th century where moving magic lanterns images of the French Revolution were projected onto smoke Torsten Burns "The Bodyspace Program" a collection of improvisational scenes linked by speculative content... post earth humans exploring family, sexuality, hygiene and humor in fictional space environments and organic/inorganic architectural surroundings Abigail Child and Benton Bainbridge "Subtalk" a digital response to September 11th and the ensuing period of state surveillance and popular paranoia Norman Cowie "Scenes From an Endless War" an experimental video work on globalization, militarism and the war against terrorism Raul Vincent Enriquez "ChupaLucha" a Web animated photonovella examining the collisions between cultural and personal identity. In a struggle to debunk European American marketing speak, the photonovella obsessively negotiates regret. Stacey Lancaster "Empire" from the Trailer Series, this installation performance work uses signal mirrors and walkie talkies as two people define a sense of space - one from the Empire State Building, the other at home in Brooklyn Julia Loktev "Rough House" an installation which bleeds the line between film and installation, inserting an alternate movie theater into an exhibition space. A hermetically sealed story about a relationship between two people who beat each other up, co-written and co-starring Julia Loktev and Vito Acconci Craig Renaud "A Harlem Tale" a documentary following the life of Hasib and his girlfriend Ebony in Harlem, as they struggle to raise their developmentally challenged child Kathleen Ruiz "The Ava Project" a series of trans-media performances and installations exploring the delicate relationship between humanity, technology and creativity Taketo Shimada "Center for Advanced Research in Music and Electronics" an installation with vinyl, creating a sampled work based on the history of electronic music which will then be used as a tool set to create compositions. The resulting composition will be released on CD by Tellus Media. Scott Smallwood "Desert Winds" a sonic work produced by the winds of the Great Salt Lake Desert, to be presented in performance and installation. The CD will be available on the Deep Listening label. Mark Street "Fulton Fish Market" a lyrical, visually vibrant hand manipulated 16mm film documentary about this teeming New York City market Mary Ellen Strom "Geyser Land" a site-specific installation that examines the complex set of 19th century cultural forces that contributed to the rapid transformation of the Western US. The audience will experience the work from a moving railroad passenger car, in an investigation of ways in which western mythology lay the groundwork for colonization and development. Ray Sweeten "20 Loops" an LP picture disk based on the isolation of specific sonic and visual elements to focus on the substance of a given sound and to redirect the role of the listener Yes Men "The Horribly Stupid Stunt (Which Has Resulted in His Untimely Death)" an experimental documentary about a group of global activists who deliver a lecture to a group of high-powered lawyers, who believe they are listening to the World Trade Organization Panel: Ariana Gerstein and Kathy High.