Finishing Funds

Finishing Funds is a grants program of the Experimental Television Center, supported in part by the New York State Council on the Arts. With an award in 2003 from mediaThe foundation, Finishing Funds is supporting 5 special awards for new media and intermedia performance works. Awards for 2003 were made to: Peter Bianco "Games for Two" a hand-processed 16mm film. Roddy Bogawa "I was born, but..." a 16mm film which begins with the death of Joey Ramone and punk music, and becomes a reflection on my life as an artist, and the issue of assimilation of Asian Americans as well as how culture is constituted. Abigail Child "Cake and Steak" an hour length series of 16mm films and digital projections that focus on post WW II North American suburbs, critically seen through the lens of colonialism, gender and immigration. Carrie Dashow "10 Cameras, 60 minutes" 10 channel video installation, part of a series of video/performance pieces, each involving different numbers of individuals who act as moving cameras, negotiating specific spaces at pre-assigned timecodes, recording the paths they are moving through, the intersections they pass, and the process of finding each other again through a variety of signaling devices. Tirtza Even "Painted Devil" an experimental video documentary and interactive installation, investigating women's roles in contemporary Turkish society. In collaboration with Brian Karl. Jennifer Fieber "Split Film" an experimental 16mm film created without a camera, reprinted using a closet, flashlight, and photo chemicals; a boy with a lantern leads you through the looking glassÖ David Gatten "Auction of Books: La Plume Volante" an experimental narrative 16mm film cycle revolving around the history of the Byrd family of Westover, Virginia during the early 18th century. Gretchen Hogue "Monsters" an experimental 16mm film - recutting/rephotographing Rosemary's Baby and The Shining to focus on the female protagonists betrayed by their husbands. G.H. Hovagimyan "Smart House / Dumb Interactivity" an interactive DVD, based on recordings of video performances, exploring how a person might engage the interactive house of the future; the furnishings are functional and an extension of hypermedia. Award for New Media and Intermedia Performance from mediaThe foundation. Shelley Jackson "The Doll Games" a multi-media cross genre exploration of doll games, through video and web-based media. Amy Jenkins "Flow" a DVD video installation which combines video projection, performance, sculpture, and audio, in an autobiographical work about pregnancy. Diane Ludin "idrunners; re-fleshed" a montage system for the web, which allows the user to montage media fantasies and trace out meditations that structure a bloated, informatic world drowning in electricity and telecommunication technologies. Award for New Media and Intermedia Performance from mediaThe foundation. Megan Michalak "How I Cherish These Awkward Moments" an experimental video series using the camera to explore situations that challenge our expectations of normative experience through investigating the relationship of the performer's body to the surrounding architectural space. Prema Murthy "DE-Structure Series" integrating new media, motion-capture technology and 3D animation the artist will create a series of mudras (ritualistic gestures) in the form of a video installation that examines the philosophical and martial tradition of the bodhisattva warrior. Award for New Media and Intermedia Performance from mediaThe foundation. Bernard Roddy "Video Drama: The(rapist) Archives" a 16mm dramatic film emulating the soap opera and its blurring of the pulblic/private realms, and turning on the use of videotape for psychotherapy. Kathy Rose "Queen of the Fluids" an experimental voyage into the brain with its poetic irregularities, realized as a performance video with projection. Marina Rosenfeld "The Emotional Orchestra" DVD of performance/installation that integrates a live musical score and a multi-channel audio/video installation where musicians intercept signals from audio and video displays and use them to alter the score. Award for New Media and Intermedia Performance from mediaThe foundation. Brooke Singer and Beatriz da Costa "Swipe" a new media performance - at an event where alcohol is served, they will ask to see ID, swipe it, and then print out a receipt with all the demographic information about that person that was called up by the swipe. Award for New Media and Intermedia Performance from mediaThe foundation. Kelly Spivey "Poor White Trash Girl - Class Consciousness" a 16mm experimental film, a semi-autobiographical animation based on the life of a poor white girl who lives amidst Fisherprice Little People. Roxanne Wolanczyk "Princess Series" a flash project for the web depicting the life of a princess who, while imprisoned in a soul-sucking corporate tower, is forced to create coupons for cigarettes and junk mail. Panelists: Torsten Z. Burns, New York Stephanie Gray, Buffalo