Finishing Funds

Finishing Funds is a grants program of the Experimental Television Center, supported by the New York State Council on the Arts. Awards for 1996 were made to: Shawn Atkins "Frame by Frame Fierce" - An experimental 35mm film project, using animation techniques to attack the problem of rising HIV infection among teens Lisa Barnstone "The Inventor" - A 16mm narrative film project exploring concepts of ecological disaster Zoe Beloff "Beyond" - An interactive work for CD ROM which grew out of an episodic movie serial designed for the World Wide Web; a playful philosophical inquiry into the paradoxes of technology and imagination Alan Berliner "Found Sound" - A mixed media installation investigating contemporary mass media. Critical Mass activates the newspaper page as cubist space; Audiofile and Aviary are interactive sculptures wherein participants can compose sound collages; The Red Thread explores the transformation of electrical energy into light and sound Diane Bertolo "Probing into Science" - An interactive CD ROM investigating the language of science and the language of interactivity. It is a computer artifact, a science fetish, a semiotic drift, an algorithmic poem Bill and Mary Buchen "Elements of Sound" - A video and audio exploration of sound and its metaphorical relationship to the five elements - earth, water, fire, air and space Veena Cabreros-Sud "Stretchmark" - A super-8 film study, raw and intimate, of the interior life of a single mother Tirtza Even "Color Blind" - One of a series of works which explore the visual representation of the tension between public and private space, using a metaphor of layers or shells; for CD ROM Emmanuel Fuentebella "Pepe's Letters" - A 35mm feature film about a Filipino journalist; a modern adaptation of the true story of Jose "Pepe" Rizal who was executed for his role in the Philippine revolution against Spain Neil Goldberg "Hallelujah Anyway" - A large scale video installation about labor and longing, pleasure and loss, across class and community lines Jane Greenberg "Second Generation" - A video portrait of an adult child of members of the Unification Church; this generation of members is believed by the theology to be perfect and sinless Bob Harris Untitled - A video about cars, obsession, memory and desire Shelley Hirsch "For Jerry" - A series of multi-sited virtual duets with Jerry Hunt, the brilliant electronic music composer and visionary who died in 1993 John Knecht "The POXIOX Study (Tales of the End of the World)" - A computer animation, part of an on-going series on destiny and the afterlife, which provides a fantasy in image, sound and text based on study of various religions and their views on the hereafter Richard Kostelanetz "Video Poems, Video Fictions" - Two tapes, one of poetry, the condensation of language and effect, and one of fiction, suggesting movement from place to place Jeffrey Lerer "The Codger Twins" - A computer animation, an intimate story of elderly twins, sharing a domestic environment but wrangling over everything; the level of chaos within the world is wholly dependent on the emotional dynamic between the characters. Jeanne Liotta "Valiantly She Tried to Explain What Lay Behind the Flimsy Trappings" - Quicktime movie chapters of a "book" which takes its title from a girl's mystery novel of the 1940s, re-worked as a tale of the illusionistic nature of working with images, a new detective story about light and dark Tatiana Loureiro "The Tool Box" - A personal animation story about a worker and his tools Hsian-Fu Lu "Make-Up Show" - A collective action and documentary to raise level of public awareness about abuse and violence, using "make-up" as a metaphor for the culture's imperative to deny the reality of violence Frederick Rendina "Utopia" - A 16mm comic exploration of the power of negative emotion Elizabeth Rodgers "The Exodus 1947 Project" - A 60 minute documentary film on the secret history surrounding the 1947 voyage, and America's influence on the struggle for Jewish statehood Sasha Sumner and Robin Perl "Jelly Belly" - A computer music video addressing the controversy which surrounds abortion Neil Zusman "Early Works" - The restoration and reworking of 1970s videos, assembled to create a dialogue among the works Panel: Peer Bode and Ken Jacobs