Finishing Funds

Finishing Funds is a grants program of the Experimental Television Center, supported by the New York State Council on the Arts. Awards for 1997 were made to: Diane Brown "Lila, Eight to Twelve" - a video documentary centering on the the artist's niece and her pre-adolescent years, a time of passionate feelings as well as a strong sense of loss Luca Buvoli "Not a Superhero" - a playful exploration of identity, displayed as an installation on a 1950s tv set, in conjunction with hand-made movie-posters Ethan Crenson "Addendum" - a twist on my installation Fission, a visualization using mousetraps and ping pong balls, with a documentary presentation which begs the question of science Genevieve Boutet de Monvel "The Lilac Sniffers" - a video exploration of how the sense of smell monitors our behavior and brings us to the immediacy of our deepest memories Roz Dimon "The Living Room of the Future" - a digital installation reflecting the dominance of the computer in the changing infrastructure of our home Elvira Garcia-Moran & Dolores Zorreguieta "Through the Wound" - a multi-media interactive CD Rom project addressing the emotional world of a woman and her artistic work Amy Hufnagel "Hang Ups" - a video, part of a larger body of 2-D and installation art, which ponders the place of telecommunication networks and the electronic landscape within our sense of community Amy Jenkins "Closures" - a video narrative, in chapters, of growing up, moving in and out of a world simultaneously lilliputian and giant, in which we are both child and adult Sue Johnson "Chant" - a real-time collaboration among participants on the internet, using the experience of group chanting to "be" in cyberspace, rather than to "act" Jinhan Ko "Pet Stories, Hardcore Omnivores and Cowboy Angst" - a short video in which Jin's Banana House wants to know how we can be bored when television is filled with dating game shows and the internet is filled with shopping networks. Jody Lafond "From Time to Time" - a tongue-in-cheek look at reincarnation, as a woman from the future undergoes past life regression to the present to resolve a romantic conflict Rik Little "From Slumlord to Shooting Myself (You've Got to Move)" - a personal video documentary of a tenant/filmmaker (myself) being constructively evicted from my apartment and neighborhood of 17 years Abby Luby "Voices from History: The Robeson Riots" - a video documentary concerning the Peekskill riots, events in 1949 surrounding the concert of Paul Robeson and reflecting the social and political climate of the McCarthy era to come Jonathan Mednick "John Eric Broaddus" - a film documentary about the work of the renown book artist, providing an unsentimental look at the harsh commercial realities faced by today's artists as well as the AIDS pandemic Casandra Stark Mele "Parades of Crazy" - a film in four parts, a poem of sorts, inspired by "visionary" filmmakers such as Sidney Peterson and Maya Deren Uzi Parnes "Tyland Honeymoon - a video diary, travelogue and confessional, part of the trilogy Ginger Vitas Daniel Peddle "Last Things" - a ride on New York's subway, as seen only through reflections in the windows, and through the meditations by a child on the often prosaic things that will last Esther Podemski "House of the World" - a narrative film portraying the responses of an American second-generation holocaust survivor to the rescue of a cemetery in Poland, the burial place of Jews who died in the war John Roach "Pageturners" - a video installation using found and lo-tech materials to portray the history of the materials and a disjuncture between images, sounds and their sources Christine Russo "Virgin of the Sea" - an experimental film narrative which follows a woman and a mermaid on a voyage of self-discovery and sexual awakening Lynn Sachs "A Biography of Lilith" - a film, a modern day passion play and a performance by three characters in an overgrown backyard Keith Sanborn "The Gift" - an experimental film essay on architectural excess, with its aim not functional shelter but conspicuous destruction of wealth Huy Troung "We Can't Have a Revolution in the Rain" - a film illustrating the worst loss faced by those who fight for a better society, the destruction of spirit Gail Vachon "Ruby in the City" - a video animation for film, portraying an old woman who lives alone Panel: Pia Cseri-Briones and Jim Hubbard.