Finishing Funds

Finishing Funds is a grants program of the Experimental Television Center, supported by the New York State Council on the Arts. Awards for 1998 were made to: Alan Berliner "Found Sound" - A downloadable and playable interactive sonic art project for the web. Additional support from New Television's NTV Artbytes project. Anita Cheng "The Secret Sharer" - A duet performance of a dancer with herself through a digital video exploration of time displacement between live and recorded dance performance. Abigail Child "The Russian Chronicles" - Bending montage to expand its shape out of the ideological, incorporating ambiguity, daily life, satire and critical analysis within a musical structure, the video references the city symphonies of the 1920s, specifically Dziga Vertov's classic Man With a Movie Camera (1928), but inversely - coming at the end of the century and the Soviet era. Additional support from a Fulbright Fellowship and the Banff Center. Cathy Cook "Beyond Voluntary Control" - An experimental 16mm film which explores the experience of confinement due to physical and psychological illness. Additional support from NYSCA. Ann Curran "Transmission" - A 16mm film which explores the myth surrounding the exploits of immigrant cook Mary Mallon, Typhoid Mary. Lisa DiLillo "Para(sight)" - An exploration of the idea of transcending borders - that of country, politics, philosophy and self/body. Doorika "The Forgery" - A collaborative multi-media theater project, recontextualizing the notion of real time and place and marrying process with artifice of theater and cinema conventions, staged for live audience and camera. Tirtza Even "Blind" - A multi-monitor installation exploring the visual representation of the tension between public and private space Taryn FitzGerald "In Your Quiet Little Way" - An experimental narrative video work about the nature of repression and its connection to compulsive behavior. Neil Goldberg "One Turning" - A video installation which represents the disorientation caused by a ride on the Cyclone at Coney Island, through images of hand gestures which accompanied the retelling of the experience by riders. Amy Jenkins "Trapped Wasp" - A video installation focusing on memory and personal relationships people form with objects and places. Les Leveque and Diane Nerwen "Dissing DARE: Education as Spectacle" - While grounded in the specificity of DARE, the Drug Abuse Resistance Education program widely presented in the public schools nationwide, this video work is an allegorical rant about the cultural dominance of image over substance, hysteria over reason. Michelle Lippitt "Box for Keeping" - A video-based exploration of emotional landscapes of containment and isolation, intensely personal and sensual Jillian McDonald "Chocolate 1-4" - A four channel installation that speaks of consumption, sensuality and body, referring to bodily chaos, order and pleasurable perversity using the icons of figure and chocolate Ioannis Mookas Only Human" - A documentary/dramatic video that examines how the prolonged psychological impact of AIDS affects the ability of uninfected gay men to sustain HIV risk-reduction practices and stay negative over a lifetime. Additional support from the Wexner Center, Art Matters, the Jerome Foundation, the Calvin Klein Foundation, the McAlpin Charitable Trust, the NY Community Trust, and the Stonewall Community Foundation. Greg Pak "Po Mo Knock Knock" - A 16mm film featuring a pair of tortured artistes confronting the impossibility of communication by telling post-modern knock-knock jokes. Brent Renaud "Cambodia, Year 1998" - An experimental digital video documentary about Cambodia today, allowing the subjects to speak for themselves and featuring access to rarely filmed and off-limits locations Panel: Barbara Lattanzi and Vincent Grenier