Finishing Funds

Finishing Funds is a grants program of the Experimental Television Center, supported by the New York State Council on the Arts. Awards for 1999 were made to: Irit Batsry "Neither There Nor Here" - video and film poetic essay evoking the different meanings of Aplace", and a voyage into a Ameta-place@ Ericka Beckman "Hiatus" - experimental 16mm narrative film about a young woman who creates an on-line interactive identity game Rosateresa Castro-Vargas "An Angel Voice in the Subway" - xperimental audio work presenting the truncation of voice by urban environmental sounds David Crawford "Here and Now" - interactive web project suggesting new relationships within the new interactive telecommunications environment Terry Cuddy "Dr. Steadfast=s Last Migraine" - absurd narrative video, reading like a post-modern ABartleby the Scrivener@ Pat Doyen "Singsong"- experimental 16mm film about association and memory and their representation Elif Savas Felsen "Coup!" - documentary film examining military coups in Turkey over the last 40 years. Rebecca Herman "Easy-to-Draw Dictators" - an examination of systems of learning, and the subtle relationships between image, mode of presentation and authority Hey-Yeun Jang "Recycle" - experimental 16mm film about the confusion of identity during pregnancy Ken Kobland "Arise! Walk Dog Eat Donut" - landscape study about going on, getting by, aging, losing friends, working, looking back and looking ahead Megan Michalak "Event-Horizon" - culled from found footage and science films, the work examines ways in which technology fragments our sense of space Jamie Mirabella "S.O.S" - the reception of knowledge, commonplace information exchange and the development of beliefs as they occur in everyday life Prema Murthy "Flicker" - interactive video and sound installation, a metaphor for the bi-polar relationship we have with technology Sarah Pierce "The Remorse of Synchronic Space" - a video channel video installation exploring filmic narrative and cinematic gesture John Roach and James Rouvelle "Theoretically Yours" - an artwork for pedestrian, disposable object and transmitter Mark Shepard "Industrian Pilz*/Pilzcontainer" - interactive, site-specific installation presenting the post-unification organizational strategies in an industrial zone of West Germany Michael Smith and Joshua White "Open House" - a large scale video installation recreating a video art exhibition in a Soho loft, recently up for sale Panel: Ghen Dennis and Kristin Lucas