Finishing Funds

Finishing Funds is a grants program of the Experimental Television Center, supported by the New York State Council on the Arts. Awards for 2001 were made to: Robert Attanasio "belongings" - A mournful music video for missing persons and unclaimed baggage. Luca Buvoli "Trailer for Not A Superhero's Non Adventures" - Part of a longer work dealing with an early fascination with the mythology of the superhero, this DVD work mimics and subverts the structure of the trailer by the introduction of complex philosophical issues Nancy Goldenberg "bedscape" - I escape from my 4th story apartment window and into the streets of NY carrying my bed on my back. A multimedia project with performance, video, installation and a web site. Stephanie Gray "Is This City Disappearing" - This Super 8 film is a poetic document of the decaying urban landscape in Buffalo. Thomas Allen Harris "That's My Face" - An autobiographical documentary, shot on Super 8mm film, exploring black identity in the USA, Brazil and Africa. Denise Iris "100 Mini Mentals" - This website brings art into the workplace and features 2 short videos each week mini mentals for one year. Jeffrey Lerer "Manuscript Fragments Found at the Gilbert Hotel" - A 3 D computer animation of 26 fragments, presenting a narrative set in the surreal world of a single room occupancy hotel of the 1950s. Mary Magsamen "A Boy and His Dog" - Based on a story from two points of view and a blurring of the sweetness of childhood and the reality of adulthood Darrin Martin "The Knocking" - Beginning as a film journal, this DVD transforms to become a channel for the ghosts of history through transportation and architecture. Jennifer and Kevin McCoy "201: A Space Algorithm" - An interactive CD and Web project which invites the participant to re edit Kubrick's science fiction classic. The work explores experimental narrative cinema as a data base of images, sounds, and concepts. Vince Mistretta "Medea" - A modern day telling of Medea. 16mm film. Ken Montgomery "Inner Eye" - An interactive, audio only experience for CD, inviting the user to navigate by listening rather than looking. Yasuaki Nakajima "After the Apocalypse" - A futuristic feature length 16mm film drama about 5 strangers trying to make sense of a New World after a devastating urban catastrophe. Jenny Perlin Perseverance and How to Develop It - An investigation of the connections between depression, self help, productivity and success in the US. 16mm film. Eric Rosenzveig "The Appearance Machine" - An autonomous system which perpetually constructs a cinematic space from discarded objects, transmitted as a live video stream. Koji Tambata "Music Works Live" - A meta documentary about this series of video works and interactive video/music performance. Panelists: Chris Borkowski and Jeanne Liotta