Ikue Mori

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Ikue Mori moved to New York in 1977. She started playing drums and soon formed the seminal NO WAVE band DNA. In the mid 80ps met John Zorn and was introduced new world of improvisation. Ikue started in employ drum machines in the unlikely context of improvised music. Throughout the 90ps, she subsequently collaborated with numerous improvisors throughout the US, Europe, and Asia, while continuing to produce and record her own music. In 2000 she was commissioned by the KITCHEN ensemble to write and premiere the piece =Aphorism.= In 2003 she was commissioned by RELACHE Ensemble to write music for silent film by Helen Levitt "In the Street". In 2000 Ikue started using the laptop computer to expand on her already signature sound, thus broadening her scope of musical expression and recently incorporating live visual manipulation. Current working groups include =Mephista= with Sylvie Courvoisier and Susie Ibarra, a quartet with Kim Gordon, duo project with Zeena Parkins, and various projects with John Zorn.