Information, Works and Activities

Information, Works and Activities exhibition by the Experimental Television Center at the Everson Museum of Art, Syracuse November 6-28, 1976. Installations, systems demonstrations and lecture presentations, performances, continuous tape screening. Peer Bode (Untitled Activity installation; Synthesis workshop and lecture), Ralph Hocking (Frames and Work for Round Screen TV installations), David Jones (installation of Jones Video Synthesizer), Don McArthur (Computer Controlled Systems Graphics installation and lectures), Evangelos Dousmanis and Melanie Salzberg (multimedia portrait of Alfred Skerritt), Meryl Blackman (Three Pillars and Meeting in Space installations), Sherry Miller (Circle Cycle installation), Walter Wright (Three Channel Piece installation and Synthesis workshops and lectures, and Illuminations performance), Neil Zusman (Act Requiring Maintenance installation), Jane Wright (Sunsets installation). Videotapes produced at the Center; program curated by Peer Bode and Sherry Miller. Artists included by Meryl Blackman, Peer Bode, Walter Wright, Jean Pierre Boyer, Peter Diana, Evangelos Dounsanis, Barbara Cieslicki, Gary Hill, Don McArthur, Neil Murphy, Susan Rothstein, Jim Tusty, Art Weingarten, Arnie Zane, Dena Crane, Neil Zusman, George Jumper, Brad Lemery, Dana Marsh, Janet Marsh, Brian Byrnes, Louise Hammond, Bill T Jones, Ken Dominick, Angel Nunez, Charlotte Moorman, Nam June Paik