Justin Wiggan

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I use the media of phonics, text, film, object changing and drawing to make interface solutions to problems that only I have I created. These artefacts and documents are in fact a reaction to the shouts, screams, shrieks, wails, hoots, howls, death rattles and sobs that are all soaked up by this unfinished structure of our space. I have been responding and disappearing in the swollen bellies of cityscapes and spaces.Discovering the links between the internal tourist and the external explorer. Our society is governed by abstract decisions the old is modernised or destroyed to allow room for new and unique and individual architecture. This is supposed to give people space to move, freedom to choose direction, freedom to choose individual product. On closer inspection we find our selves lost in a shuffling crowd, herded down isles of repetitive consumer units. Our senses sre being evolved and eradicated. Our visual senses are stimulated on all levels from an early age and therefore a visual society therefore only uses sound as a warning (a police car, a fire alarm). Subconsciously we associate our sense of hearing with danger or warning. A problem that goes way beyond cultural breakdown, we are addressing problem to do with an end of a system. I am trying to do the same thing. Ripping sound from an environment, putting it back in other formats. And so I look for treasures for the individual. And so I look. http://www.justinwiggan.moonfruit.com/