LSI-11 Computer System Documentation

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Digital Equipment Corporation, CA (1976)




LSI-11 Computer System Documentation. Digital Equipment Corporation, Components Group, Application Note (August 1976): Power Distribution Systems for LSI-11 (2 copies). Contents follow: Introduction, System Requirements, Block Diagram, Schematics of the Power Signal Generation Circuit, Power Down Routine, Power Up Routine, and Initialize Switch. LSI-11, PDP-11/03 Configuration and Installation Guide. Contents follow: Introduction, Configuration and Installation Checklists, Processor Module Configuration, DLV11 Serial Line Unit Jumper Configuration, DRV11 Parallel Line Unit Configuration, MMV11-A Core Memory Bank Selection, MRV11-AA ROM/PROM Memory Module Jumper Configuration, MSV11-AA and MSV11-B Random Access Memory Jumper Configurations, H9270 Backplane Configuration, PDP11/03 Installation Procedures, LSI-11 System Assembly and Checkout, Paper Tape System Operation, RT-11 System Operation, Figures, and Tables. LSI-11 bus accessory options installation and operation (preliminary, 1st edition, February 1976). The information contained in this preliminary manual will become, in its final form, a part of the LSI-11, PDP11/03 User's Manual. Contents follow: Introduction, Description, Using LSI-11 Bus Accessory Options, Illustrations, and Tables.

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