New York Upstate Meeting of Non-Profit Media Groups

New York Upstate Meeting of Non-Profit Media Groups March 9, 1979 at Synapse Video Center, Syracuse, NY. Groups met to continue discussion about formation of an organization eventually known as Media Alliance, representing service organizations and individual media artists in New York State. Groups attending: Richard Simmons (Everson Museum), John Orentlicher (Experimental Studios at Syracuse University), Ralph Hocking (Experimental Television Center), Sherry Miller (Experimental Television Center), Phil Jones (Ithaca Video Project), Gunilla Jones (Ithaca Video Project), Carl Geiger (Innervision Media Systems), Joe Scala (CAST), David Shapiro (Media Study/Buffalo), Nancy Cain (Media Bus), Jon Held (Mid-York Library Systems), John Camelio (Portable Channel), Bob Shay (Portable Channel), Vince Doody (Media Programs at SUNY Oswego), Hal Schlid (WTOP cable at SUNY Oswego), Henry Baker (Synapse), Darrell Westlake (Synapse), Bill Dargie (Synapse), Woody Vasulka (Vasulka Corporation), Steina Vasulka (Vasulka Corporation), Nathan Lyons (Visual Studies Workshop), Arthur Tsuchiya (Visual Studies Workshop), Richard Phillips (Utica), Art Gillick (WCNY-TV), Pat Faust (WXXI-TV), Pat Anderson (ZBS Foundation), Tom DeWitt (Electronic Body Arts), Vibeke Sorensen (Electronic Body Arts). Subsequent meeting in NYC with John Reilly, Mary MacArthur, Leandra Strobing, Tom Morey, Willoughby Sharp, Davidson Gigliotti, John Sanborn, Michael Rothbard, Kathie Bodily and Liza Bear representing Global Village, The Kitchen, Inter-Media Art Center