Pittsburgh Filmmakers

In June 1978 Pittsburgh Filmmakers convened a meeting to address issues raised by the Mohonk Conference and the publication of "The Independent Film Community". It was generally felt that the general public was unaware of the activities of the independent media community, and that national organizations, such as the AFI, did not address their concerns or needs. Conference attendance by 23 of the largest media centers; the conference was not representative of the field as a whole. It was perceived that national and unified actions were needed in order to represent the needs of media artists, emerging media institutions and the rapidly evolving film and video arts. Because the conference attendance did not represent the diversity of the field and was rather limited, national goals or a clear mission were not defined. A Steering Committee was formed which called the 1979 Minnewaska Conference. This committee represented the Rocky Mountain Film Center, the Northwest Film Study Center, the Bay Area Video Coalition, Pittsburgh Filmmakers, Boston Film/Video Foundation and AIVF.