Tekscope. Volume 9, Number 3.

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Tektronix., Beavertown, OR (1977)




Cover: The three-sphere YIG preselector in the 7L18 provides spurious-free performance from 1.5 to 18 GHz and allows accurate amplitude measurements while still in the signal path. Contents include: Microwave Technology at Tektronix, A High Performance Transportable Microwave Spectrum Analyzer, Digital Storage for a Microwave Spectrum Analyzer, A Phase Lock Stabilization System for 30 Hz Resolution at 12 GHz, and Two New Graphic Display Modules for the OEM System Designer. Technological photographs and block diagrams make this magazine both interesting and informative. New Products features a Finite Element Modeling System that Reduces Model Building Time and Cost, the DL2 and DL 502 Digital Latches, and a Versatile, New Digital Tester, the Tektronix 851.

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