The Unprofessionals

The Unprofessionals, curated by Lindsay Sampson, consists of videos, drawings, and performances by 20+ artists whose work seems to have been influenced by the movie generation of; Clerks, Clockwatchers, Office Space, and Slackers. Exhibition at Cinema Borealis (Chicago), Squeaky Wheel (NY), Garfield Artworks (PA). This interactive video screening relates to the trials and tribulations of worker weirdos and whiners. The works present a look at all those kids who had to grow up, act normal, go to work, and hide their supposed flaws, and the grown ups who still find ways to be a little uninhibited. The viewer walks in on a "shout out", like by the DJ at your best friend's 15th birthday party, or at those dances in junior high, to all those kids and adults, those amateurs and unprofessionals who are in need of encouragement. This show is a place where the audiences' vulnerabilities are on their best behavior. Fe a t u r i n g Lindsay Sampson, Flea Batista, Torsten Zenas Burns, Anthony Discenza, Monica Duncan, Caleb Durand, Ron Ehmke, Stephanie Gray, K8 Hardy, Jesse Hulcher, Caroline Koebel, Meg Knowles, Jody Lafond, Annie Langan, Darrin Martin, Brian Milbrand, Brighid Anastasia O'Dea, Monica Panzarino, Laura Payeur, John Powell, Jim Sampson, Brandon Schmitt, Aaron Valdez, Doc Watson, Therine Youngblood. Much of the work was produced at the Experimental Television Center in Owego NY