"Video and Television Review" begins

On February 7, 1976 the Television Laboratory at WNET/Channel 13 of NYC began "Video and Television Review", the weekly presentation of a series of experimental programs made by independent artists and producers or by the artists in residence at the WNET TV Lab and WGBH/Boston's Experimental Workshop as well as other experimental centers. Most of the programs which were aired, including interviews with artists by host Russell Connor, were made available from Electronic Arts Intermix. The series was conceived by David Loxton. Artists included TVTV (excerpts from Gerlad Ford's America, Lord of the UNiverse and Four More Years), Ian Hugo (Transcending), Ed Emschwiller (Crossings and Meetings and Scape-Mates), John Reilly and Stefan Moore (The Irish Tapes), Skip Sweeney (Ocean), Andy Mann (All Across Boston), Peter Campus (Three Transitions and Set of Coincidence), Downtown Community Television Center (a profile of DCTV), Nam June Paik (Global Groove), Arthur Ginsberg and Video Free America (The COntinuing Story of Carel and Ferd), Tom DeWitt (Cathode Ray Theater), Cara DeVito (Ama L'Uomo Tuo), and makers in the schools.