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MIT Press (2007)




Leading scholars take a wider view of new media, placing it in the context of art history and acknowledging the necessity of an interdisciplinary approach collaboration in new media art studies and practice.OLIVER GRAUIntroduction - MediaArtHistoriesRUDOLF ARNHEIMThe Coming and Going of ImagesI Origins: Evolution Versus RevolutionPETER WEIBELIt is Forbidden Not to Touch: Some Remarks on the (Forgotten Parts of the) History of Interactivity and VirtualityEDWARD SHANKENHistoricizing Art and Technology: Forging a Method and Firing a CanonERKKI HUHTAMOTwin-Touch-Test-Redux: Media Archeological Approach to Art, Interactivity, and TactilityDIETER DANIELSDuchamp: Interface: Turing: A Hypothetical Encounter Between the Bachelor Machine and the Universal MachineOLIVER GRAURemember the Phantasmagoria! Illusion Politics of the 18th Century and its Multimedial AfterlifeGUNALAN NADARAJANIslamic Automation: A Reading of Al-Jazari's The Book of Knowledge of Ingenious Mechanical Devices (1206)II Machine-Media-ExhibitionEDMOND COUCHOTThe Automatization of Figurative Techniques: Towards the Autonomous ImageANDREAS BROECKMANNImage, Process, Performance, Machine: Aspects of an Aesthetics of the MachinicRYSZARD W. KLUSZCZYNSKIFrom Film to Interactive Art: Transformation in Media ArtLOUISE POISSANTThe Passage from Material to InterfaceCHRISTIANE PAULThe Myth of Immateriality: Presenting and Preserving New MediaIII Pop Meets ScienceMACHIKO KUSAHARADevice Art: A New Approach in Understanding Japanese Contemporary Media ArtRON BURNETTProjecting MindsLEV MANOVICHAbstraction and ComplexityTIMOTHY LENOIRMaking Studies in New Media CriticalIV Image ScienceFELICE FRANKELImage, Meaning, and DiscoveryW. J. T. MITCHELThere are No Visual MediaSEAN CUBITTProjection: Vanishing and BecomingDOUGLAS KAHNBetween a Bach and a Hard Place: Productive Contraint in Early Computer ArtsBARBARA MARIA STAFFORDPicturing Uncertainty: From Representation to Mental Representation

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